Walking with Cecilia

A documentary by Fritz Ofner and Michaela Krimmer
A 2007, 55 min, DV 


A young shop owner from a small-town in Colombia travels back to her homeland to confront a painful chapter of her past, navigating the treacherous Sierra Nevada mountain range with her embittered mother, who has eschewed their traditional spirituality and embraced Christianity. A descendent of the Arhuaco, the indigenous population of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Cecilia was forced to flee from her home when civil war came to her doorstep three years ago. Accused of being a paramilitary informer, her only hope for survival was to escape to the city, where she opened a small store selling handicrafts. The region of Cecilia's village has since fallen under the control of a FARC Guerilla group, known for stealing the local harvests and tormenting the locals. Before Cecilia returns she must first get permission from the "commandante". Her request granted, Cecilia and her mother cautiously make their way through the Sierra Nevada mountains while pondering the growing effects of globalism on even the most remote regions of the world. Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Glasgow – Human Rights Film Festival
Paris – Festival International Jean Rouch
Salzburg - Filmriss
Rio de Janeiro – Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnografico
Tartu - World Film Festival
Wien – Ethnocineca
Jihlava – East Silver Caravan
Ljubljana – EASA Conference

Funded by: 
Niederösterreich Kultur und ADA