A documentary by Fritz Ofner & Eva Hausberger

A 2017, 90 min
Script, Director and Cinematography: Fritz Ofner
Co-Director & Sound Recording: Eva Hausberger
Editor: Gerhard Daurer, Karina Ressler AEA
Production: Friedrich Ofner Filmproduktion
Funded by: Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien, ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen, FISA

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Weapon Of Choice


„A cult object of Austrian invention and a bestseller in the USA: the Glock. The semiautomatic rapid fire weapon is one of Austria’s export hits, but not a lot about its questionable meaning reaches the public realm. In their impressive and precisely researched documentary, Weapon of Choice, Fritz Ofner and Eva Hausberger investigate the myth and history of the Glock: an Austrian story of looking the other way.“ (DIAGONALE)

A dark trail of power, money, violence and politics.“


"A strange and astounding ride at times, Weapon of Choice is a deftly handled, illustrated history of the white European born global ecology that sustains rising gun crime in America and armed terrorists in the Middle East."

(Tara Judah, desistfilm.com)




Festival Screenings:

THIS HUMAN WORLD, Vienna (World Premiere)


CPH:DOX - F:ACT AWARD COMPETITION (International Premiere)


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